Waterplay® Announces Dealership with Ventana

Waterplay® Announces Dealer Partnership with Ventana LLC
Waterplay® Solutions Corp. pushes growth in United Arab Emirates with new distribution partner, Ventana LLC.

Posted by waterplayAdmin on September 2, 2020

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada—September 2nd, 2020, Waterplay® Solutions Corp. announces a new dealer partnership with Ventana LLC. Based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ventana LLC is a member of the Tanseeq investment Group of Companies, recognized as the market leader in the GCC region and considered one of the most innovative organizations catering to all segments of landscaping.

“We are excited to represent Waterplay in the UAE and look forward to offering our clients an exceptional aquatic play solution that provides outstanding play value,” says Riyad Mustafa, Ventana LLC General Manager. “Waterplay is known for producing a high-quality product that withstands harsh environments and climates—perfect for the projects we work on in the Middle East region and keeping with the class that we, at Ventana, are known for.”

This partnership combines Ventana and Waterplay’s strong reputations as experienced market leaders as well as a focus on innovation in the landscape market.

Please contact Ventana LLC today to get started on your next splash pad project:

Ventana LLC
Phone: +971 4 3231603
Email: info@alaweertrading.com
Website: www.ventanallc.com

About Waterplay

Since 1987 Waterplay has been committed to connecting the world through play by offering forward-thinking aquatic play solutions to the global community. Our team is made up of passionate play advocates who drive our vision forward through exceptional, research-based product design and outstanding customer service. Waterplay’s full suite of products include freestanding aquatic play solutions designed to splash and spray, activity towers and water management solutions. A great addition to aquatic facilities, community spaces, holiday parks, hotels and resorts, housing developments, water parks and attraction facilities—visit www.waterplay.com to learn more and join our movement to connect the world through play.

About Ventana LLC

A member of the Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies, Ventana LLC was established in 2015. In addition to Waterplay’s extensive product offering including freestanding aquatic play features designed for indoor and outdoor aquatic environments, activity towers and water management systems, Ventana’s product portfolio includes drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, landscape machinery, golf carts, water features and swimming pool furniture: www.ventanallc.com