About Ledge Lounger

Ready to relax in your new pool? Do it in water, in style with Ledge Lounger in-pool furniture and accessories. Ledge Lounger offers serene in-water seating for your pool’s tanning ledge, high quality outdoor furniture for on-deck use, and stylish accessories to create the ultimate outdoor scene. All Ledge Lounger products are made from high quality materials and designed to withstand the harsh pool environment. Enhance your new pool and live life on the ledge with Ledge Lounger! Ledge Lounger – Swimming Pool Furniture is now available in Saudi Arabia (KSA).


Whether you are poolside or beachside, at a 5-star resort, or relaxing on your own patio, we believe the perfect day is spent outside. Our products are designed to create perfect outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxation. Featuring classic outdoor furniture pieces, stylish, convenience-adding accessories, and our signature in-pool furniture for in water use, all Ledge Lounger products are made of high quality materials and designed to withstand the elements, so you can relax with peace of mind and enjoy the amenities of the outdoors all year round.

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