The Cushman® 1600 XDR

The Cushman® 1600 XDR is what an unrelenting work ethic looks like. By combining a 22-hp diesel engine with a 726KG total load capacity, the 1600 XDR Diesel gives you the strength to take on any job. User-selectable 4WD, four-wheel independent suspension, and a large cargo bed. Offered in two-passenger or four-passenger models, this powerhouse is designed to handle the heaviest materials and equipment, and toughest terrain.

The Cushman® 1600XDR-2 is a road homologated 4×4 all-terrain utility vehicle, with all the power required to handle agricultural and building site tasks over rough terrain. An advancement over the the Hauler 1200 or 1200X, it brings superior levels usability and performance while maintaining the flexibility of a Cushman Hauler.